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1-Apr-2022 Global Plasma Surface Treatment Machine Market CAGR To Be 4% and with a market size of over $700 million By 2029
07/10/22 | published by: admin

Plasma surface treatment includes a state of matter in the form of electrons and ions. Plasma is a gas that is charged by freely moving electrons in both positive and negative states. This situation arises because the negatively charged particles are released from the nucleus by supplying more energy to the gas. Plasma can be defined as a partially ionized gas. When all of these ions, molecules, and atoms come together and interact with a specific surface, a plasma process will be initiated. Therefore, the effect of plasma treatment on any surface can be specified or precisely adjusted by selecting ...... | read more...
14-Apr-2022 Pet Wearable Market is projected to be over $12 Billion(USD) by 2026
07/10/22 | published by: admin
Increasing awareness for pet health and safety will drive the market revenue. Owners consider pets as their family members and are investing in advanced health monitoring devices. The demand for GPS integrated pet wearable devices has witnessed a considerable rise in the past few years owing to an increase in market penetration of smartphones & mapping applications coupled with a growing need for tracking the real-time positioning of pets.
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12-Mar-2020 COVID-19 Impact on Global Gold Nanoparticles Market.
30/04/20 | published by: admin

Devices such as DLNA devices, flash drives, micro SD, are increasingly using gold nanoparticles. A strong outlook on medical applications where gold nanoparticles are used to diagnose cardiac diseases, tumors, and cancer will have a propelling effect on the global gold nanoparticles market.

The growing usage of these particles in the electronics industry will enhance the demand for gold nano-particles. The ever increasing demand for high precision printing and photo-voltaic products will support the demand growth in Asia Pacific countries home to electronics manufacturing hub owing to the industry development in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and India.

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9-Feb-2020 COVID-19 Impact on Plate Finned Heat Exchanger Market
30/04/20 | published by: admin

Plate-fin heat exchangers (PFHEs) are key components in many processing plants. PFHEs have become the engineers’ first choice for various operating scenarios. These include natural gas, synthesis gas, hydrogen, chemical and petrochemical plants, air separation plants, among others. The manufacturers of Plate Finned Heat Exchanger ...... | read more...