Global Doctor Blade Market 2020 (Includes Business Impact of COVID-19)

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  • April 29, 2020
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                                              “Global Doctor Blade Market” is the title of an upcoming report, currently in the process of study and analysis at Trusted Business Insights. Many major factors have been considered in terms of study, research, and presentation of our findings on the global doctor blade market. Critical data and information such as driving factors, market growth, restraints, key trends, threats, and potential revenue opportunities in untapped countries and regions are to be presented. In addition, the detailed analysis of the key players in the market is presented in the report. The factors like opportunities, recent developments, and strategies are also included in the report. The global doctor blade market is segmented based on product type, application, and region.

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Overview A doctor blade is a widely used technique to produce thin films on large area surfaces in printers. Technically, a doctor blade is a metering blade in all types of printing applications such as flexographic printing, rotogravure printing, and offset printing. The primary function of the doctor blade in rotogravure printing is to remove the excess ink from the cell walls and image carrier. The doctor blade, in the form of a steel strip in gravure printing, removes the ink on the gravure cylinder from its outside surface. Plastic doctor blades are occasionally used, but steel is most preferred in gravure applications. A doctor blade is used for the same function in other printing and coating processes such as pad and flexo printing. Growth of the global doctor blade market is projected to be supported by rising demand and use of flex printed hoardings, sinages, and other such products, including advertising material, etc. Dynamics Numerous applications of doctor blade have made it a popular option for a range of applications. Some factors driving growth of the global doctor blade market is high demand for rotogravure and flexographic printing in publication and packaging sectors. The new trend of manufacturing doctor blades using nanotechnology is projected to further support growth of the global doctor blade market. Industries such as publishing, packaging, and promotional printings are the primary end-users of advanced printing equipment and technologies. Among these primary sectors, packaging ranks first, followed by publishing. The global doctor blade market has a large number of medium-scale manufacturers as well as small-scale manufacturers. Among the various applications, flexography accounts for largest revenue share currently. Majority of demand comes from the printing industry for production of packaging material and related products. The second highest application is rotogravure printing. Although gravure printers have become more efficient with the adoption of new technologies, there are threats in the market in the form of digital inkjet printers. This is among some of the primary challenge players in the industry are expected to encounter in the market. Offset printing is widely preferred and used in countries across the globe and demand for printing equipment continues to rise. Offset printing is widely used for printing books, newspapers, stationeries, magazines, pamphlets, and brochures. Opposed to other types of printing approaches, offset printing set-up has lower maintenance costs and is comparatively more economical. Due to acquisitions, mergers, expanding distribution channels, new product developments, and emergence of newer technologies, revenue from the global doctor blade market is expected to increase significantly during the forecast period. Global Doctor Blade Market

Segment Analysis:

Product Type: Among the product type segments, the metal doctor blade segment accounts for major revenue share as compared to the plastic doctor blade segment. However, the plastic doctor blade segment is also witnessing relatively high revenue growth compared to other types such as composite doctor blades. Application: The flexographic segment among the application segments is expected to account for highest revenue share in the global doctor blade market, and the trend is projected to continue over the forecast period. Global Doctor Blade Market

Regional Analysis:

The market in the Asia Pacific region is projected to maintain its dominance in terms of revenue share, which is attributed to rising and high demand from multiple end-use industries such as for food and beverage packaging materials, as well as pharmaceuticals and transportation sectors. This is the major factor expected to continue to drive demand for printing equipment in countries such as Japan, China, and India. The market in North America accounts for second-largest revenue share in the global doctor blade market, and revenue growth is projected to remain steady over the forecast period.

Global Doctor Blade Market Segmentation:

  By Product Type: Metal Doctor Blade Plastic Doctor Blade Composite Doctor Blade By Application: Flexographic Printing Rotogravure Printing Offset Printing Others

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Methodology and Scope                  1.1. Research Methodology                  1.2. Research Scope & Assumptions                  1.3. List of Data SourcesChapter 2. Executive SummaryChapter 3. Global Doctor Blade Market Outlook                  3.1. Market Segmentation                  3.2. Market Size and Growth Prospects, 2016 - 2027                  3.3. Value Chain Analysis                  3.4. Market Dynamics                      3.4.1. Market driver analysis                      3.4.2. Market restraint analysis        
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