Global Autopilot Systems Market Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Threats, Trends, Applications, And Growth Forecast To 2028

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Global Autopilot Systems Market 2021: By Component (Global Positioning System, Gyroscope, Software & System Integration, Actuators), By Platform (Subsea, Sea, Land-based, Airborne), By Application (Defense & Homeland Security, Commercial)

Global Autopilot Systems Market Analysis Trends, Applications, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast to 2028” is a recent report generated by Trusted Business Insights. The global autopilot systems market report has been segmented on the basis of component, platform, application, and region.Request Covid - 19 Impact

Global Autopilot Systems Market: Overview

Autopilot systems are used for controling aircraft trajectory without a human operators constant hands-on control. It is a control system that provides assistance to the human pilot. Autopilot systems maintain altitude and direction of the vehicle, aircraft or vessel. It includes hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems used for providing guidance to the aerial vehicle.

Global Autopilot Systems Market: Dynamics

Increasing adoption of automation technology is a key factor driving growth of the global autopilot systems market. Growing commercial aviation sector, owing to increasing number of air travel passengers is another factor supporting growth of the global market. In addition, increasing adoption of an autopilot system in the aviation sector to reduce the involvement of humans, monitoring route, and improve navigation are also factors fueling growth of the target market. Furthermore, autopilot improve passenger comfort and fuel efficiency. These are also factors expected to propel growth of the global autopilot systems market in the near future. However, accidents caused by failures in the autopilot system is a factor that may hamper growth of the global autopilot systems market. In addition, government regulations in various countries is another factor that could affect the adoption of autopilot system among end users. Nevertheless, adoption of autopilot systems for unmanned aerial vehicles can create high revenue opportunities for players in the target market.

Global Autopilot Systems Market: Segment Analysis

Among the component segments, the global positioning system segment is expected to register lucrative growth in terms of revenue in the near future. Global positioning system or GPS is used for determination of the position of an object by a satellite navigation system. Use of global positioning system to map out the route of the flight by navigation co-ordinates is a factor driving growth of the target market over the forecast period. Among the application segments, the commercial segment is expected to register high growth in terms of revenue over the next 10 years. Increasing investment in the commercial aviation sector for the adoption of advanced technology is a key factor supporting this segment in the global market. Athena®, Athena™, Line 21™, GFC™, Reactor™, NautoPilot®, Hydro-Balance™, Evolution™, Trimble®, Autopilot™, NAV-500™, Trimble®, AgGPS® are the brands covered in this Autopilot Systems report.

Below are the active patents related to Autopilot Systems Market.

Patent Number: CA2455714C System and method for automatically controlling a path of travel of a vehicle Abstract The method and system for automatically controlling a path of travel of a vehicle include engaging an automatic control system when the security of the onboard controls is jeopardized. Engagement may be automatic or manual from inside the vehicle or remotely via a communication link. Any onboard capability to supersede the automatic control system may then be disabled by disconnecting the onboard controls and/or providing uninterruptible power to the automatic control system via a path that does not include the onboard accessible power control element(s). The operation of the vehicle is then controlled via the processing element of the automatic control system. The control commands may be received from a remote location and/or from predetermined control commands that are stored onboard the vehicle. Type: Grant Filed: 2004-01-23 Date of Patent: 2009-01-06 Assignee : Boeing Co Wrist exerciser having a protective structure Patent number: 9782623 Abstract: A wrist exerciser including a housing and a gyroscopic member is disclosed. The housing has a rail and a buffer portion. The position of the buffer portion corresponds to the rail. The gyroscopic member is moveably disposed on the rail, and includes a ring and a rotor. The ring is located inside the housing and is slidably disposed on the rail. The rotor includes a ball and a shaft. The ball is located inside the housing. The shaft penetrates through the ball and the two opposite sides of the shaft are connected to the ring for the shaft to rotate relatively to the ring. Type: Grant Filed: December 7, 2015 Date of Patent: October 10, 2017 Assignee: NANO-SECOND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Wrist exerciser having a protective structure Patent number: 9463354 Abstract: A wrist exerciser including a housing and a gyroscopic member is disclosed. The housing is structured to include a casing structure, a rail, and one or more channels along a direction of the casing structure, in which the channels penetrate through the casing structure forming an empty space to buffer a force caused by an impact to the housing. The gyroscopic member is moveably disposed at the rail and includes a ring being inside the housing and slidably disposed at the rail; and a rotor being inside the housing and comprising a ball and a shaft, the shaft penetrating the ball, with its two opposite ends connected to the ring for the shaft to rotate relatively to the ring. The housing is structured to absorb an impact force to protect the structure and functionality of the wrist exerciser. Type: Grant Filed: June 20, 2014 Date of Patent: October 11, 2016 Assignee: NANO-SECOND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Flywheel motor and gyroscopic clutch Patent number: 8926396 Abstract: An inertia motor for a toy has a housing supporting a rotating flywheel. The flywheel has a disk with generally radially movable elements, movement of which vary the moment of inertia of the disk. Another element is supported by the housing so as to be movable towards and away from the disk and is located so as to be able to engage at least one of the movable elements when the flywheel has slowed sufficiently. Angular momentum and energy in the flywheel at engagement is transferred to the housing. The housing may also include a transmission such as a gear train to connect the flywheel with one of more elements of the toy to be powered by the flywheel. Type: Grant Filed: March 15, 2013 Date of Patent: January 6, 2015 Assignee: Mattel, Inc. TRAVELING TOY Publication number: 20140213143 Abstract: A traveling toy includes a gyroscopic unit, a traveling unit and an ornamental toy unit. The gyroscopic unit includes a motor having co-rotatable upper and lower output shafts, a rigid body having a rotational symmetry, and mounted co-rotatably on the upper output shaft of the motor, a driving gear mounted co-rotatably on the lower output shaft, and a transmission gear meshing the driving gear. The traveling unit is disposed below the gyroscopic unit, and includes a first bottom wheel adapted for traveling on a surface, and a gear train disposed between and meshing the transmission gear and the first bottom wheel. The ornamental toy unit is provided on the gyroscopic unit. Type: Application Filed: January 23, 2014 Publication date: July 31, 2014 Applicant: GENIUS TOY TAIWAN CO., LTD. Inventor: Wen-Pin LIN Color changing gyroscopic exerciser Patent number: 8652012 Abstract: A gyroscopic wrist exerciser has a transparent plastic housing and a gyroscopic rotor mounted on an axle rotating on a primary axis of rotation about the axle. Ends of the axle are extended into a circumferential housing groove disposed on an inside surface of the transparent plastic housing to rotate in a secondary axis of rotation about the circumferential groove to provide precession of the gyroscopic rotor. A permanent magnet cooperating with a coil produces an electric current proportional to the speed of the rotor. A microcontroller connected to and powered by the coil has three separate outputs, namely a first output, a second output and a third output which receive degrees of voltage depending upon an input voltage from the coil. A first LED chip, a second LED chip, and a third LED chip are connected to the microcontroller at the three outputs. Type: Grant Filed: July 7, 2011 Date of Patent: February 18, 2014 Inventor: Tom Smith Gyroscopic toy Patent number: 8123585 Abstract: A method, system and apparatus for a solution that safely enables a person to safely operate a body-engaging gyroscopic toy. A gyroscopic toy includes a gyroscopic disk body; an elongated central axle rod extending from both sides of the disk body, the axle rod defining a pair of body-engagement handles; and a safety, selectably releasably engaging the axle rod to a rotational axis of the disk body, inducing a rotation of the axle rod about a lateral axis of the axle rod in response to a rotation of the disk body wherein the safety disengages the induced rotation of the axle body upon an application of an anti-rotation force to the axle whenever the anti-rotation force exceeds a predetermined threshold wherein the disk body continues to rotate freely and the axle rod rotates slower than the disk body while the anti-rotation force is applied. Type: Grant Filed: February 15, 2010 Date of Patent: February 28, 2012 Inventor: Finn A. Strong Toy vehicle with multiple gyroscopic action wheels Patent number: 6764374 Abstract: A radio controlled vehicle have greater than two gyroscopic action wheels provides a wider range of stunt options and increased stability during operation. The overall weight of the vehicle with respect to the combined mass and gyroscopic force which the gyroscopic wheels can produce for given rpm speeds is maintained within a predetermined operating range in order to provide the increased stunt maneuverability and stabilization during operation. The torque reaction of opposing gyroscopic wheels or wheel pairs creates a range stunt inducing forces/actions equal to or greater than the gyro effect created by the respective wheels. The combination of the torque reaction and gyro effect broadens the scope of existing stunt capabilities and make possible a completely new range of stunt inducing actions not available in other radio control toys. Type: Grant Filed: January 31, 2002 Date of Patent: July 20, 2004 Assignee: Leynian Ltd. Co.

Global Autopilot Systems Market: Regional Analysis

Market in North America accounts for a significant share in terms of revenue and is expected to maintain its position in the near future. Presence of prominent players and high adoption of advanced technology are factors driving growth of the target market in this region. Europe market is expected to account for second-highest share in terms of revenue over the forecast period. Regulations regarding flight safety standards is a factor supporting growth of the target market in countries in this region. Market in Asia Pacific is expected to register lucrative growth in terms of revenue in the near future, followed by Latin America. Growing aviation industry, coupled with increasing number of air travel passengers is a factor fueling growth of the target market in the Asia Pacific.

Below are the leading companies profiled in this Autopilot Systems Market Report:

  • Airware
  • BAE Systems Plc.
  • Century Flight Systems Inc.
  • Cloud Cap Technology
  • Cobham PLC (Advent International)
  • Comnav Marine Ltd.
  • DJI ( iFlight Technology Company Limited)
  • Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Garmin Ltd.
  • Genesys Aerosystems
  • Honeywell International, Inc.
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Micropilot, Inc.
  • Navico Group(Altor Equity Partners)
  • Raymarine (FLIR Systems)
  • Raytheon (United Technologies Corporation)
  • Raytheon Anschütz GmbH
  • Rockwell Collins (United Technologies)
  • TMQ International
  • Trimble Navigation Limited.

Global Autopilot Systems Market Segmentation:

Segmentation by Component
  • Global Positioning System
  • Gyroscope
  • Software & System Integration
  • Actuators
Segmentation by Platform
  • Subsea
  • Sea
  • Land-based
  • Airborne
Segmentation by Application
  • Defense & Homeland Security
  • Commercial

This research comprehensively answers the following 9 important questions:

  • Q.1. What are some of the most promising growth trends in the Autopilot Systems market worldwide?
  • Q.2.Which segments and sub-segments will grow at a faster pace and why? Which segment is nearing the peak and demand saturation?
  • Q.3.Which region will witness a higher growth rate and why? Which region might see a slower or negative growth region?
  • Q.4.What are the key factors affecting market dynamics? What are the drivers, challenges, and business risks in Autopilot Systems market?
  • Q.5.What are the business risks and who pose challenges to the global leaders and are competitive threats in this Autopilot Systems market?
  • Q.6.What are the emerging trends post COVID-19 reshuffle in this Autopilot Systems market and the what are reasons behind these trends and do they translate in global exploration?
  • Q.7. Who are the major global and regional players in the Autopilot Systems market? Which are the strategic initiatives key players are pursuing for business growth?
  • Q.8.Which are the competing products in Autopilot Systems market and how big of a threat do they pose for loss of market share by material or product substitution?
  • Q.9.What M & A activity has occurred in the last 5 years and what is its impact on the Autopilot Systems industry?

Chapter 1 Methodology and Scope
  • 1.1 Market definitions
  • 1.2 Base estimation & working
  • 1.2.1 North America
  • 1.2.2 Europe
  • 1.2.3 APAC
  • 1.2.4 LATAM
  • 1.2.5 MEA
  • 1.3 Forecast calculation
    • 1.3.1 COVID-19 impact calculations on industry forecast
  • 1.4 Data sources
    • 1.4.1 Primary
    • 1.4.2 Secondary
    • Paid sources
    • Public sources
  • Chapter 2 Executive Summary
  • 2.1 Autopilot Systems industry 360° synopsis, 2017 - 2028
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