Global Air Humidifier Market Size Share, Competitive Analysis, Revenue Growth Prospects, External Threats, Challenges, And Forecast To 2028

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Global Air Humidifier Market 2021: By Product Type (Warm-Mist Humidifier, Ultrasonic Humidifier, Cool-Mist Humidifier, Others), By Application (Residential, Non-residential), By Distribution Channel (Retail, Online)

Global Air Humidifier Market is an upcoming report by Trusted Business Insights. The global air humidifier market report is an outcome of comprehensive study of the target market, and various internal and external factors and their impact on growth of the global air humidifier market. The report can help stakeholders to analyze and strategize accordingly, in order to increase revenue profits and sustain in the highly competitive market. The global air humidifier market report has been segmented on the basis of product type, application, distribution channel, and region.Request Covid - 19 Impact The Global Air Humidifier market size was valued at USD $3.49 Billion in 2020, USD $3.68 Billion in 2021, forecasted to reach USD $3.87 Billion in 2022, and is projected to reach USD $5.92 Billion by 2030, and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5.3% over the forecast period from 2020 to 2030.

Product Overview: Air Humidifier

Air humidifier is an air conditioning equipment that increases moisture levels in particular area where it is used and is available mainly in two types, namely, portable type or wall-mounted that can be fitted on walls to humidify rooms. Air humidifiers are primarily used to provide healthy and comfortable environment to the individuals. They are mostly used in commercial sector for professionals, workers, etc. and apart from humidifying the work areas, it also reduces static electricity in the air and preserves material properties from any damage.

Global Air Humidifier Market Dynamics: Drivers and Challenges

Rising prevalence of various air-borne diseases such as sinusitis, asthma, and other allergies is a major factor driving growth of the global air humidifier market. In addition, sudden changes in climatic conditions, and drastic changes due to global warming are other key factors expected to fuel growth of the target market. Constant expansion of suburban and urban areas, coupled with rising air pollution levels in almost every country across the globe is expected to further support demand and adoption of air humidifiers to condition indoor air, thereby driving growth of the target market. Increasing disposable income, rising standard of living of individuals in developed as well as developing countries, increasing health awareness regarding indoor air quality by population, and rapidly growing construction and re-construction activities in residential and non-residential sectors are primary factors expected to boost growth of the target market. A macro trend observed in the global market is that various players in the global market are focusing on launching advanced humidifiers with features such as user-friendly, auto-shutdown feature, and humidity level controller, and can be easily installed. This trend is expected to gain popularity and traction in the next 10 years and support the market growth. However, high costs involved for installation and maintenance of air humidifiers is a major factor that could restrain growth of the global air humidifier market. In addition, if the internal parts of air humidifiers are not cleaned properly and periodically, there is a possibility that they may carry various airborne diseases and infections. This can adversely affect human health and lead to chronic diseases and disorders, and result in low adoption of air humidifiers and challenge growth of the global market. Nevertheless, if the manufacturers focus on integrating predictive maintenance system or provide periodic and efficient after-sales and maintenance services, it will support to build loyal customers, and expand customer base by implementing strategies.

Segment insights

By Product Type:

Among the product type segments, the warm-mist humidifier segment is projected to contribute higher revenue share in the global market as compared to that of other segments in the target market.

By Application:

Among the application segments, the residential segment is expected to account for major revenue share, owing to increasing demand for air humidifiers from this sector, and increasing awareness about benefits of the product among individuals. The non-residential segment is expected to register considerable growth rate owing to increasing adoption of air humidifiers for installation in commercial buildings.

By Distribution Channel:

Among the distribution channel segments, the online segment is projected to register the highest growth rate in the global air humidifier market, owing to increasing preference for shopping on E-commerce websites.

Analysis by Region

North America air humidifier market is estimated to account for major revenue share in the global market, owing to presence of a large number of manufacturers in countries in the region. Increasing demand for air humidifiers due to rising awareness about benefits of air humidifiers during cold and low humid climate, and rising concerns regarding dry skin disorders are factors expected to drive growth of the market in the countries in North America. Asia Pacific air humidifier market is projected to register significant growth rate in the global market over the forecast period, owing to rapidly changing weather conditions as well as rising health awareness among people in the countries in the region. Revenue of the Asia Pacific market is expected to be majorly contributed by country markets such as India, China, and Japan. The Europe market is expected to register moderate growth rate, owing to high spending power among consumers, coupled with cold climatic conditions in the countries in the region.

Below are the active patents related to Air Humidifier Market.

Patent Number: US8544826B2 Ultrasonic humidifier Abstract An ultrasonic humidifier is disclosed including a chamber, an ultrasonic transducer positioned at the bottom of the chamber, a passage in fluid communication with the chamber, a duct having an inlet and an outlet, the duct being in fluid communication with the passage by way of a passage outlet, a fan positioned in the duct and disposed between the duct inlet and the passage outlet. The fan is configured to propel air through the duct and over the passage outlet such that vapors in the chamber may be drawn into the duct. Type: Grant Filed: 2009-03-13 Date of Patent: 2013-10-01 Assignee : Vornado Air LLC Patent Number: US7066452B2 Humidifier with reverse osmosis filter Abstract A filtering system for use with a reservoir. The filter system includes a filter assembly capable of filtering particles sized 1.0 micrometers and larger and may, include a flow control device positioned to selectively provide fluid flow to the filter assembly. The flow control device may include an electrically actuated valve, such as a solenoid valve. The filter system may also include a fluid level detection mechanism operatively connected to the flow control valve. The filtering system is especially applicable to humidifier systems having a heat source Type: Grant Filed: 2003-08-07 Date of Patent: 2006-06-27 Assignee : Honeywell International Inc Patent Number: US9372008B2 Combination warm and cool mist humidifier Abstract A humidifier includes a housing with a substantially open top portion. Water can be added to the humidifier by pouring the water into a water reservoir through an open top. The water is pumped from the water reservoir to an upper portion of the humidifier where it is dispersed into the environment by a flow of air. The humidifier may include both an ultrasonic nebulizer and a heater to provide a warm mix of cool mist and hot vapor. Alternatively, a warm mist can be provided by dispersed water from an ultrasonic nebulizer in combination with warm air. The humidifier may also solely provide a cool mist from an ultrasonic element, or the water can be dispersed using a wicking filter. Type: Grant Filed: 2014-02-10 Date of Patent: 2016-06-21 Assignee : Helen of Troy Ltd

Below are the leading companies profiled in this Air Humidifier Market Report:

  • Armstrong International Inc.
  • Boneco AG
  • Carrier
  • Condair Group
  • DriSteem.
  • Dyson
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (MHI)
  • Munters
  • Neptronic
  • Philips
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Pure
  • Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products
  • Stadler Form
  • United Technologies Corp.
  • Vornado Air
  • Winix Inc.

Global Air Humidifier Market Segmentation:

Segmentation by Product Type
  • Warm-Mist Humidifier
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Cool-Mist Humidifier
  • Others
Segmentation by Application
  • Residential
  • Non-residential
Segmentation by Distribution Channel
  • Retail
  • Online

This research comprehensively answers the following 9 important questions:

  • Q.1. What are some of the most promising growth trends in the Air Humidifier market worldwide?
  • Q.2.Which segments and sub-segments will grow at a faster pace and why? Which segment is nearing the peak and demand saturation?
  • Q.3.Which region will witness a higher growth rate and why? Which region might see a slower or negative growth region?
  • Q.4.What are the key factors affecting market dynamics? What are the drivers, challenges, and business risks in Air Humidifier market?
  • Q.5.What are the business risks and who pose challenges to the global leaders and are competitive threats in this Air Humidifier market?
  • Q.6.What are the emerging trends post COVID-19 reshuffle in this Air Humidifier market and the what are reasons behind these trends and do they translate in global exploration?
  • Q.7. Who are the major global and regional players in the Air Humidifier market? Which are the strategic initiatives key players are pursuing for business growth?
  • Q.8.Which are the competing products in Air Humidifier market and how big of a threat do they pose for loss of market share by material or product substitution?
  • Q.9.What M & A activity has occurred in the last 5 years and what is its impact on the Air Humidifier industry?

Chapter 1 Methodology and Scope
  • 1.1 Market definitions
  • 1.2 Base estimation & working
  • 1.2.1 North America
  • 1.2.2 Europe
  • 1.2.3 APAC
  • 1.2.4 LATAM
  • 1.2.5 MEA
  • 1.3 Forecast calculation
    • 1.3.1 COVID-19 impact calculations on industry forecast
  • 1.4 Data sources
    • 1.4.1 Primary
    • 1.4.2 Secondary
    • Paid sources
    • Public sources
  • Chapter 2 Executive Summary
  • 2.1 Air Humidifier industry 360° synopsis, 2017 - 2028
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