Global Adult Ventilators Market, Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Threats, Trends, Applications, And Forecast To 2028

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  • May 28, 2022
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Global Adult Ventilators Market 2021: By Mode (Combined-Mode Ventilation, Pressure-Mode Ventilation, Volume-Mode Ventilation, Others), By Interface (Non-Invasive Ventilation, Invasive Ventilation), By Age Group (Infant/Neonatal Ventilator, Adult/Pediatric Ventilator), By End User (Hospitals and Clinics, Ambulatory Care Centers, Home Care)

Global Adult Ventilators Market is the latest title researched in-house at Trusted Business Insights. The report includes various current and future scenarios and aspects and verified data gathered from vendors and experts in the industry. Data and information are verified based on inputs and opinions from experts. In order to make sure the report includes only important and most accurate insights only, exhaustive primary and secondary research were conducted. Revenue is based majorly on projected, estimated, and historical sales and growth. In addition, growth factors, future forecast & opportunity analysis, Y-o-Y growth, potential restraints, and key trends are included in the report. Different opportunities that can generate revenue in untapped countries and regions are also mentioned in the report. The profile of key players in the report include recent developments, detailed information, acquisitions, strategies, and mergers, etc. The global adult ventilators market is segmented on the basis of mode, interface, age group, end-user, and region.


Emergency departments use intubation with subsequent mechanical ventilation as a common lifesaving intervention. Emergency practitioners have in-depth knowledge of operating mechanical ventilation to minimize complications when a patent is ventilated. Different types of ventilators are available, which are based on various permutations of triggered pressure -cycled and volume-cycled ventilations. These ventilators are delivered at a range of volumes, rates, and pressures. Poor ventilator management can lead to serious pulmonary and extra pulmonary damage that may not be closely apparent. Ventilators have a breathing tube to blow air into the airway. One end of the tube is inserted into windpipe of patients whereas another end is usually attached to a ventilator. Oxygen and air from ventilator flow into lungs through a breathing tube that acts as an airway. Adult ventilators have features such as integrated LCD display of flow pressure curve, inbuilt compressor, heated patient hose system, battery backup (min. 1.5 hours), monitoring of expired data, pressure support cap, non-invasive ventilation, and integrated humidification of breathing gas. Ventilators are usually used in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the hospitals. Patients with serious conditions of diseases require the service of ventilators.


Demand for adult ventilators are gaining popularity and traction in several countries globally at a rapid pace. The major factors increasing the global adult ventilators market growth are increasing cases of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and respiratory emergencies. In addition, technological advancements in devices for providing respiratory care is another factor driving demand for adult ventilators in the global adult ventilators market. The advent of cost-effective, patient-friendly, and portable size further drive usage of such ventilators and thus resulting in growth of the global market. Moreover, supportive initiatives from governments, especially in developing countries and region, is expected to increase demand for adult ventilators over the forecast period. Assemblers and Manufacturers in emerging countries, such as China and India are focusing more on producing non-invasive and cost-effective ventilator solutions to cater to local requirements and enhance patient care to the maximum. Developments, in terms of design, efficiency, and safety bring various benefits such as better gas exchange, improved weaning, better oxygenation and less damage to lungs. Moreover, on-board intelligent firmware and integration of high-speed signal processing in mechanical ventilation offers bring many benefits, such as minimal pulmonary circulation and adverse effects on systemic. An increase in target population base who need long term treatments for chronic respiratory-related conditions is a driving factor for increasing demand for adult ventilators in the global adult ventilators market. Advancement of healthcare infrastructure in developing countries along with growing awareness about the availability of various treatments for diseases chronic respiratory conditions are expected to further drive demand for adult ventilators in the global adult ventilators market during the forecast period.

Global Adult Ventilators Market Segment Analysis:

By Mode: Among the mode segments, the combined-mode ventilation segment has in the past accounted for higher revenue contribution, and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period. This growth is attributed to growing number of hospitals and inclination towards adopting combined-mode ventilators to extend faster and convenient care. By Interface: Among the interface segments, the non-invasive ventilation accounts for highest revenue share and is expected to continue over the forecast period. Growth of this segment is majorly attributed to decreased cost compared to invasive ventilation.

Global Adult Ventilators Market Regional Analysis:

The market for adult ventilators in Asia Pacific is relatively robust in comparison with other regions and the trend is expected to continue during the forecast period. This growth of the market is attributed to rise in number of chronic respiratory diseases and other related diseases, increasing healthcare expenditure, and supportive government initiatives for the public who suffer from serious illness and diseases. ConchaSmart® , RCI®, Neptune®, Hudson RCI®, Softech®, Gibeck®, Humid-Flo®, Gibeck®, Humid-Vent®, Aqua+®, Bennett™ are the brands covered in this Adult Ventilators report.

Below are the active patents related to Adult Ventilators Market.

Patent Number: US8573205B2 Ventilation method and control of a ventilator based on same Abstract The invention provides an improved ventilation method and method for controlling a ventilator apparatus in accordance with same. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method of controlling a ventilator apparatus comprising the steps of placing a ventilator in a mode capable of adjusting airway pressure (P) and time (T), monitoring expiratory gas flow, analyzing the expiratory gas flow over time (T) to establish an expiratory gas flow pattern, and setting and/or adjusting a low time (T2) based on the expiratory gas flow pattern. Alternatively, the present invention relates to a method of controlling a ventilator apparatus comprising the steps of placing a ventilator in a mode capable of adjusting airway pressure (P) and time (T), and setting a low airway pressure (P2) of substantially zero cmH2O. Type: Grant Filed: 2007-07-23 Date of Patent: 2013-11-05 Inventor: Nader Maher Habashi

Below are the leading companies profiled in this Adult Ventilators Market Report:

  • Koninklijke Philips N.V
  • Drgerwerk AG & Co.
  • Becton
  • Dickinson and Company
  • Getinge AB
  • ResMed Inc.
  • Percussionaire Corp.
  • Smiths Group PLC
  • Atico Medical Pvt. Ltd.
  • Medtronic plc
  • Teleflex Incorporated

Global Adult Ventilators Market Segmentation:

By Mode
  • Combined-Mode Ventilation
  • Pressure-Mode Ventilation
  • Volume-Mode Ventilation
  • Others
By Interface
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation
  • Invasive Ventilation
By Age Group
  • Infant/Neonatal Ventilator
  • Adult/Pediatric Ventilator
By End User
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Ambulatory Care Centers
  • Home Care

This research comprehensively answers the following 9 important questions:

  • Q.1. What are some of the most promising growth trends in the Adult Ventilators market worldwide?
  • Q.2.Which segments and sub-segments will grow at a faster pace and why? Which segment is nearing the peak and demand saturation?
  • Q.3.Which region will witness a higher growth rate and why? Which region might see a slower or negative growth region?
  • Q.4.What are the key factors affecting market dynamics? What are the drivers, challenges, and business risks in Adult Ventilators market?
  • Q.5.What are the business risks and who pose challenges to the global leaders and are competitive threats in this Adult Ventilators market?
  • Q.6.What are the emerging trends post COVID-19 reshuffle in this Adult Ventilators market and the what are reasons behind these trends and do they translate in global exploration?
  • Q.7. Who are the major global and regional players in the Adult Ventilators market? Which are the strategic initiatives key players are pursuing for business growth?
  • Q.8.Which are the competing products in Adult Ventilators market and how big of a threat do they pose for loss of market share by material or product substitution?
  • Q.9.What M & A activity has occurred in the last 5 years and what is its impact on the Adult Ventilators industry?

Chapter 1 Methodology and Scope
  • 1.1 Market definitions
  • 1.2 Base estimation & working
  • 1.2.1 North America
  • 1.2.2 Europe
  • 1.2.3 APAC
  • 1.2.4 LATAM
  • 1.2.5 MEA
  • 1.3 Forecast calculation
    • 1.3.1 COVID-19 impact calculations on industry forecast
  • 1.4 Data sources
    • 1.4.1 Primary
    • 1.4.2 Secondary
    • Paid sources
    • Public sources
  • Chapter 2 Executive Summary
  • 2.1 Adult Ventilators industry 360° synopsis, 2017 - 2028
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